30 December 2012

Old pictures

My quest for old pictures of Grimstad has evolved to a hobby within the hobby. Pictures pop up from different sources on the web. I've also bought some old postcards which are rather nice. Torskeholmen 1924.

Norsk Skipsophugnings Co. 1965

1953. Torskeholmen to the right. The boat's name is "Bjørgvin".

A picture from the narrow gauge period (pre 1937)


Trevor said...

What wonderful photos - thanks for sharing them! I'm really enjoying this blog about your layout and think it's a really neat prototype. (As someone living in Canada, I'm also enjoying how similar winter railroading looks on both sides of the Atlantic).

Tore Hjellset said...

Thanks Trevor! I've been to Canada a couple of times (Vancouver, BC) both in the wintertime and in the fall, and I think Canada resembles Norway a lot when it comes to both scenery and the mindset of people!

CVSNE said...

Cool images. A couple of those images could easily have been taken in Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, or Michigan.... goes to show how much more alike than different everything is. Also shows why so many Norwegians that moved to the US ended up in Wisconsin!

Tore Hjellset said...

I guess there are a lot of towns in Wisconsin named after places in Norway then!?