25 March 2014

A new railing

Wow! Second update this week. I'm on fire! :)

The old railing on "Pharos Vei" has been partly destroyed for a while now, so it was about time I fixed it. I have now replaced it with a brass railling from Weinert (part no. 3215). I soldered on a tiny 0.4mm brass pin  on the bottom of every post so I can fix it properly to the road.

23 March 2014

First prototype of Grimstad station

I just received the first photos of the Grimstad station building, which I'm having custom made. It sure looks good, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

12 November 2013

Exciting new prototype photos

I've put off building the station house (depot) at Grimstad for many years now. Both due to it's complexety, but also due to the elusive back side of the building. I've found several photos for the three other sides, but the back side has not appeared in a single photo - until now. Recently I joined a Facebook-group where people living in Grimstad share photos and stories from their home town. There I posted a question regarding the missing wall, and after a couple of days I received these two photos from a gentleman named Odd Johnsen. I've waisted no time, so now I've contacted a guy with a laser to help me out with the model. I'm very excited about this!

This photo is from 1916.
I think this photo is even older. Perhaps not long after the line opened in 1907? Notice the curved mouldings round the main entrance - a nice detail!

24 July 2013

The Grimstad Line on the move!

It's been a long time coming, but now it has finally happened: We have bought a new house, and the GFB has been carefully dismanteled. Most of the layout is now in storage, and parts of it will be moved to a spare room in my model railroad shop for display there - as it won't fit in our new home. I plan to continue the construction of the layout on a weekly basis in my shop - while I am at work. It will be fun to see how that turns out. I hope the progress will be good, and that the feedback from my customers will give me an incentive to keep building.   

But all this raises a big question : WHAT NOW? Of course I need a layout in our new home as well, and I've already obtained trackage rights in a nice room for it. The creative juices are flowing and I have a lot (too many) ideas. Some of them are : A modern era US layout in N-scale based on the Alexander Railroad in North Carolina, a freelanced H0n3-layout based loosely on the railroads in and around Red Mountain, Colorodo, or perhaps yet another Norwegian layout, but with a bit more mainline action than the GFB.

Time will show!

Here are some pictures from the dismantling process:

It's early in the evening, and I've started to remove some of the small details.

Rise station looking very sorry for itself with wiring being removed and without skirting.

The cat looks like she won't budge...

Halvor cutting the main peninsula from the rest of the layout.

The Grimstad modules to the right have been removed

The main peninsula being removed in one big piece.

A couple of days later, the room in the first picture looks like this. It took less time than expected to tear everthing down. That's my mother helping out. She thinks the room looks a lot better now. I think I disagree...

01 May 2013

A new control panel for Grimstad

Signals are cool. Therefore, although the real Grimstad Line probably never had any, I will have signals on my 1:87 representation of the line. Norwegian manufacturer Skala Design has made correct Norwegian signals that are very nice, so I needed to have some of those. I've also made a new panel for Grimstad that's recessed into the module itself so the switches don't protrude into the aisle space. Sorry for the crappy mobile phone quality photo.


28 March 2013

Scenery - step by step

Prior to my local clubs' Fremo-meeting a few weeks ago, I wanted to update my Grimstad modules a little bit. Section one, where the turntable is, has had only very basic scenery so far. About time I did something about that. Here's a couple of evenings of work (fun) step by step.

First of all I had to make some wooden extensions to the section itself. The rock formations is a ready made product from Noch.
Then I filled up the space behind the rocks with some scrap bits of styrofoam.
I used expanding foam to fill in the rest. This makes for a very strong and light base for further scenery work.

The foam has to dry for at least 24 hours. Then I shaped the basic countours with a kitchen knife.
Next step is to paint the base with a light beige color. Then I sprinkeled sand in the wet paint.

Time for the green stuff. I use various shades of Woodland Scenics Fine Turf for this. And fix it all with scenery cement from WS.

The Noch rock formations are very grey and uniform in their color, so I painted them with diluted acrylics to make them come alive.
Then I covered most of the area with various grass mats from Heki. I use Woodland Scenics burnt grass and green blend fine turf to cover the "seams" between the mats.
All the mats are in place and trees are starting to grow. Notice the sand underneath peeping through in several places.
All the trees and bushes are in place.
I finish the rocks with a light drybrushing with white paint and plant some weeds on them.
A closeup of the base scenery. Here I've used Heki 1842 for the grass, MiniNatur bushes and the white flowers to the right are from Czech manufacturer Polák Model.
Here's the finished hill put in good use as a backdrop for an incoming freight train on the Fremo-meet.
A NSB Skd202 in front of the new rocks and scenery.

16 February 2013

One for the gallery

Here's a small passenger train on it's way to Rise station.

16 January 2013

A small area complete

For the first time in a while, I've actually more or less completed a scene. A magazine article featuring my layout was all the inspriation I needed to get going :)

Some other pictures from this area are shown in earlier posts under here.

30 December 2012

Old pictures

My quest for old pictures of Grimstad has evolved to a hobby within the hobby. Pictures pop up from different sources on the web. I've also bought some old postcards which are rather nice. Torskeholmen 1924.

Norsk Skipsophugnings Co. 1965

1953. Torskeholmen to the right. The boat's name is "Bjørgvin".

A picture from the narrow gauge period (pre 1937)

16 December 2012

Club meeting

Last week some of my good friends from the local model railroad club here in Arendal (AMJK) came over to my house to have the last meeting of the year. The guys were eager to inspect the latest developments at the GFB, and we had fun running some trains without any plans or purpose.

Nils Arild (or at least the lower part of him) switching cars in Grimstad.

 Steinar and Halvor are doing something at Rise station.

 An overall view of the train room. I love having a lot of activity in my little "man cave".

 Halvor peeping through. In the front is the newly scenicked area yet to receive a proper name. The locomotive and cars are all self-built jobs by Steinar Jeppestøl.

 A brass type 21e built and constructed by Steinar Jeppestøl with a small freight train on it's way to Rykene. This is the type of locomotive that was used on the Grimstad Line, so I really hope this turns up ready-to-run on the market some time. I have no intentions of building one myself :)

Quite a bit of snow fell during the three hours the meeting lasted.