24 July 2013

The Grimstad Line on the move!

It's been a long time coming, but now it has finally happened: We have bought a new house, and the GFB has been carefully dismanteled. Most of the layout is now in storage, and parts of it will be moved to a spare room in my model railroad shop for display there - as it won't fit in our new home. I plan to continue the construction of the layout on a weekly basis in my shop - while I am at work. It will be fun to see how that turns out. I hope the progress will be good, and that the feedback from my customers will give me an incentive to keep building.  

But all this raises a big question : WHAT NOW? Of course I need a layout in our new home as well, and I've already obtained trackage rights in a nice room for it. The creative juices are flowing and I have a lot (too many) ideas. Some of them are : A modern era US layout in N-scale based on the Alexander Railroad in North Carolina, a freelanced H0n3-layout based loosely on the railroads in and around Red Mountain, Colorodo, or perhaps yet another Norwegian layout, but with a bit more mainline action than the GFB.

Time will show!

Here are some pictures from the dismantling process:

It's early in the evening, and I've started to remove some of the small details.

Rise station looking very sorry for itself with wiring being removed and without skirting.

The cat looks like she won't budge...

Halvor cutting the main peninsula from the rest of the layout.

The Grimstad modules to the right have been removed

The main peninsula being removed in one big piece.

A couple of days later, the room in the first picture looks like this. It took less time than expected to tear everything down. That's my mother helping out. She thinks the room looks a lot better now. I think I disagree...