29 January 2007

Almost ready for some track!

I have covered the newly built benchwork with some Styrofoam. This creates a really sturdy and nice base for both the trackbed and the future landscape. For the trackbed I have used regular 10mm. styrofoam and cut the sides at an 45 degree angle. This method of construction is much more fun I think than the traditional wood trackbed with wooden risers. And it's much faster as well.

I have connected the Grimstad modules to the rest of the layout now. The curve right outside of Grimstad is in the corner is the tighest on the whole layout at 55 cm. radius. Now I'm ready to lay down some Peco code 75 track. Stay tuned for more pictures soon!

28 January 2007

More carpentry II

The peninsula is complete and with the help of some friends the portion that will connect this to the existing Grimstad modules is good on it's way.

05 January 2007

More carpentry

The construction of the peninsula continues. Things are starting to look good. This is fun!