25 October 2014

The new Grimstad depot!

Here is a "work-in-progress" shot of the new Grimstad depot building. It's custom built from laser cut wood. Now it's just up to me to finish the painting of it all. This is going to look so much better than the old plastic stand-in i had in place temporarily.

17 October 2014

The new layout room

Well it's about time I showed you the new layout room for the Grimstad Line. Here's a panoramic view of it, clutter and all. To the right you can see the Grimstad modules, and the peninsula in the center. The two are not yet connected, so that will be the next challenge I guess.

15 October 2014

Current state of affairs

This picture of Grimstad was taken last weekend when I attended a FREMO meet at Ask in Norway. Not much has happened to the modules the last year or so, but things are looking up. Stay tuned!