16 December 2012

Club meeting

Last week some of my good friends from the local model railroad club here in Arendal (AMJK) came over to my house to have the last meeting of the year. The guys were eager to inspect the latest developments at the GFB, and we had fun running some trains without any plans or purpose.

Nils Arild (or at least the lower part of him) switching cars in Grimstad.

 Steinar and Halvor are doing something at Rise station.

 An overall view of the train room. I love having a lot of activity in my little "man cave".

 Halvor peeping through. In the front is the newly scenicked area yet to receive a proper name. The locomotive and cars are all self-built jobs by Steinar Jeppestøl.

 A brass type 21e built and constructed by Steinar Jeppestøl with a small freight train on it's way to Rykene. This is the type of locomotive that was used on the Grimstad Line, so I really hope this turns up ready-to-run on the market some time. I have no intentions of building one myself :)

Quite a bit of snow fell during the three hours the meeting lasted.

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