23 March 2012

Three more freight cars for the layout

I am lucky enough to have a modeling friend that loves to make norwegian freight cars, but has no layout to put them all. He has now given me three cars for me to use on the GFB. All of them are cars from Roco/Fleischmann that have been modified to represent norwegian prototypes that was left here in Norway after WWII. Modification, paint and lettering is by Ole Johan Aabel, and I've given them a very quick weathering myself. Looking at the pictures I see that the wheels maybe are not up to scratch. Maybe I will change them for some Rp25's. What do you think?

A norwegian L4 made from a Fleischmann car. Diagonal bracing has been added on the sides by using thin strips of paper.

Nothing has been done to this Fleischmann car except paint, lettering and some weathering. So it's not 100% correct, but in my mind - good enough.

This car started out as a white Roco refridgerated car with a brake hut on one end. This has been replaced by a small brake platform instead.