27 February 2008

Basic trackwork complete

I've laid down all the trackwork for the new Grimstad now, and it looks much better and more correct than the old version although this new one is only 40cm longer. Compare it to the picture of the prototype :) Next on my "to do-list" is cutting the track at the end of each section and mount them permanently.

22 February 2008


The new Grimstad sections at home with fresh paint and some trackwork in place. It looks pretty chaotic at the moment, but in a couple of weeks I hope to have all the trackwork complete with most wiring done.

Looking towards the "entrance" of the station. The loco shed and turntable will be on the track to the left where the three wagons are standing now.

Prototype pictures

It's about time I added some pictures of the prototype Grimstad station area. Here are a couple, and the trackplan for the prototype.

Here is a picture from one of the last summers before the line closed down. Notice all the flowers! The track on the right actually goes through the whole freight depot for some reason. The railcar is a Bm87. The flowers on top of the buffer stop is something I wish to incorporate in my model version, and even the three employees standing on the platform and a photographer taking this picture :)

An overview of the whole area. If I were to build it stricly in 1:87 it would be 4,4 meters long. My version is 3,3 so it's not that bad, and the two main tracks are of correct length. The portion from the first turnout to the locoshed will be somewhat compressed. The siding with the sharp curve that goes out to "Torskeholmen" will be built on a section on it's own, but that'll be step two of the contruction process.

This is a very helpful picture for me, and it's shot from the "roof" of the tunnel. You can barely see the open turntable in the front, with the track to "Grimstad Skipsophugning" to the right. This will be modelled only with a track that ends on the module side. Between this track and the main track you can see the coal shed, and in the back, the freight depot and the station buillding.

14 February 2008

On its own feet

Today, I mounted legs on the new sections. It's very satisfying to see it all together.

I've used alloy legs with steel mounts bought on previous trips to Fremo-meets in Germany. They're quite expensive, but very nice and easy to mount.

And here it is - Grimstad in all it's in all it's plywood glory :)

12 February 2008

Goodbye Grimstad! .... Hello new Grimstad :)

The Fremo-modules that make up Grimstad station was built 8 years ago, and they have traveled a lot around to different Fremo-meets over these years. The last couple of years it has started to show signs of age and wear, and with old code 100 tracks and new scenery skills at hand, I've dreamt of starting all over again. Today, with good help from Halvor Sann├Žs, I have actually started the big process of making a brand new Grimstad station that I can take with me to Fremo-meets as well as using it as a part of my layout at home. The first Fremo-meet is in just 6 weeks, so I'd better hurry!

This is like a clean sheat of paper. First a lot of cutting.

Then the fun begins; the first section is taking shape.

And here it is : the first complete section of the new Grimstad!!!

Two sections down, one to go.

And here it is. After 4 hours of work we got the three sections done. The new Grimstad is roughly 40 cm longer than the old one, and will have Code75 track instead of code 100 and larger turonouts. Can't wait to start laying track!