23 February 2009

More gardening

I've planted some trees today.

Three more days now, and I'm leaving for Germany with my local model railroad club; Amjk where we are going to show some of our modules. This'll be Grimstad's first outing with scenery.


I feel like a gardener these days. Now it's the area open area on the middle section of Grimstad that has received some basic greenery. I need some good looking trees here, and some weeds in the road, and it'll be complete.

18 February 2009

A railfan is photographing a T3 in front of the freight shed. But what's up with that hovering fence to the right???

Section three is more or less complete now.

17 February 2009

More ballast

I'm done with ballasting all three sections of my Grimstad-modules! That's a good feeling. Next job is weeds and grass, water, seashore, telegraph poles, details and more details.

16 February 2009


In Norway in the 60's, the norwegian state railways used mostly sand for ballast. I've tried to replicate this the last couple of days, and now 2 of the 3 sections that make up Grimstad are completely ballasted. I'm not entirely happy with it, but it will do for now. I will later weather the track and ballast, and that'll hopefully lead to the look i'm after.

To the left in this picture you can see the recess i've made for the water, which will make up a nice harbour scene eventually.

03 February 2009

Scenery, details, buildings

I'm steadily working towards the completion of the area around the station building in Grimstad. The latest projects include building and painting the freight depot seen here (not done yet), the fence by the road, and scenery and trees in the background here.