01 January 2010

Operating session #1

After completing all of the trackwork (temporarily), I invited some of my friends for a test-session on the Grimstad Line.We put the layout and the rolling stock through it's paces and discovered that I still have a lot of work - ehh sorry - fun stuff left to do before everything works smoothly. Although things were a tad chaotic at first, we had a lot of fun! I will try to host bi-monthly sessions in the future.

Halvor was the stationmaster at Rise. To the left of this picture, a staging yard was added to represent Nelaug and "the rest of the world". To the right of Halvor's shoulder, the two-track staging yard that represents Arendal station is barely visible. Rise was a busy place during tonight's session.

Frode took care of all the switching duties at Rykene. Rykene can be a challenge but maybe had too little traffic this time.
At Grimstad things were a bit quiet. Here Jan Petter is switching some empties from "Grimstad Skipsophungnings co." into the harbor spur.

Steinar and Halvor with some refreshments in my little crew lounge. My goal is to have my operating sessions laid back enough so that one can sit down once in a while with a cup of coffee while others perform switching duties.