30 March 2008

The first Fremo-meet!

This weekend my local model railroad club; AMJK (Arendal Modelljernbaneklubb) held our annual meeting in Arendal, and Grimstad was a part of the large layout! Here are a few pictures.

Here's a Skd206 on the module i built to place outside of Grimstad. This module is only used for meets and also has the entrance signal for Grimstad.

Grimstad in action for the first time! Everything went smoothly with no technical problems whatsoever!
The first station master; Morten Jacobsen

Svein Rasmussen controlling the station.

Overview of a part of the layout.

27 March 2008


The Fleischmann-turntable from the old Grimstad has now been moved to the new. This'll have to do until I can find the guts to make my own.

26 March 2008

Grimstad operational!

After a couple of weeks of boring and tedious work with wiring and stuff, I could finally run the first train on the newly built Grimstad station module. And everything seems to work like it should - strangely enough...

Controlled chaos. I've never done the wiring on a module all by myself, and I was surprised to experience how much work it really is.

Every single length of tracks has it's own set of wires to ensure maximum reliability. Rail joiners have a tendency to stop working after a couple of years, but now this shouldn't be a problem.

Yours truly driving the first test-train :)

I still have to install the turntable and the track leading to it. That will be tonight's task.

10 March 2008


Every single piece of track gets it's own wire to erradicate problems with railjoiners that doesn't conduct properly after a while.

An easy and simple way to connect all the wires is to use a piece of track. An old piece of code100 flextrack does the trick. Looks neat too :)