20 May 2008

More scenery work

I've shaped the construction foam and added several rock castings from Woodland Scenics and some home made ones. It wont be long now until I actually can start adding color to this area of the layout.

My main goal as of now is to more or less finish the scenery at the end of the peninsula seen here, so it'll look nice and "tidy" when you enter the layout room. The room is in the center of my loft with bedrooms at either end which means I can't close the door to the layout room to hide all the clutter. Therefore it's important to make the layout as nice as possible so it'll play a part as a "furniture" in this room.

18 May 2008

Prototype scenery

I took this picture early this morning of a norwegian class 69 railcar set on it's way from Arendal to Rise on the Arendal line. The picture was taken just some hundred meters from the station Rise where the Grimstad Line ended, and it shows the kind of scenery I will try to replicate on my layout.

14 May 2008

More mountain work

After the foam had dried thoroughly over night, it was very easy (and fun) to start making the basic shape of the hill.

Then I added more foam to the top of the hill.

And for fun, I had to test fit one of the two wonderful small signals for Rykene. They are scratchbuilt for me by modeling friend Jon Einar Vistad.

A foam mountain

For my basic scenery I'm trying out a new technique with styrofoam covered with insulation foam. This stuff expands to 3 times it's initial size when it's dry. After it's dry I'll cut away the excess and add rock castings.