17 April 2008

Scenery test

I've laid out some styrofoam sheets to get an idea how things will look when entering the layout room. I have to try to figure out a way to visually seperate the two lines going very close to eachother here to avoid it feeling like the same place. It doesn't look right like the way it is now I think...

10 April 2008

A water spout for Grimstad

Today I've built a water spout for Grimstad. It's from a kit I sell in my model railroad shop; www.togbutikken.no. Well actually it's not really available yet, but it'll be ready very soon.

Grimstad didn't have a water tower, so this water spout is the only means to refill water for the steam locomotives. The prototype picture is from another station in Norway; H√łnefoss. As you see there are still a few details missing, and I also need to get the correct decals for the signs on the top of the thing. The chain is from Weinert.

07 April 2008

Finally some scenery!

After scrapping the old Grimstad modules, I have no scenery at all on the Grimstad Line. So today I started adding some cuts and rock faces on the end of the peninsula which is the place you'll first see when you enter my train room. I use plaster castings combined with plaster cloth bought from the local pharmacy. Much cheaper than the Woodland Scenics one :)