29 December 2008

More trackwork at Rise

The track on the north side of Rise is now in place and all wired up. The freight car to the left is a christmas gift from my girlfriend. It sure beats ties and socks! :)

17 December 2008

The first train to Rise has arrived!

It was a big moment when the first train arrived at Rise. This isn't actually the first train, but it gives a good impression about how things are going to look like eventually. I'm not sure about the track plan, so all the tracks and turnouts will not be fastened until the first operating session has been held. Then it'll be easier to make changes if that's needed. The turnouts will be operated manually until this.

In this area the turntable and engine shed will be. The track to Grimstad is to the right in this picture, and the track for Arendal (hidden staging) is directly above it.


The track has now reached the left side of the peninsula and is nearing Rise fast. The switch in the middle of the picture will be for a small spur for loading timber.

14 December 2008

Fascia at Rise

I completed the fascia at Rise today. Everything looks much more finished with this in place. I've also test-fitted some curtains underneith. This will hide shelves with tools and materials.

Rise station

The base for Rise station is now complete. It's only 32 cm. wide, but that'll be enough for 3 tracks and a relief of the station building. That leaves a comfortable 62 cms of isle space. Some of my operators might need that ;)

The track around the peninsula has been connected to Rise, so now I need to head down to my shop to pick up some track!

08 December 2008

More benchwork

Today me and Halvor started on the last remaining benchwork for my layout. The station, Rise, will be the link with the Grimstad Line to the line that goes south to Arendal, and north to Nelaug and the rest of the norwegian rail network. Nelaug will be a unscenicked staging yard used only for operating sessions and will be mounted to the left in this picture. The line to Arendal will be represented by a stub track to the right that'll be hidden behind a background or scenic divider.