19 September 2010

Grimstad Harbour

The three sections that make up my Grimstad Fremo-module have just become five! I've thought long and hard about making the harbour area called Torskeholmen, and now this project is well on it's way. My good friend Halvor Sannæs has done all the carpentry to make the two new sections, so now the rest is up to me. The goal is to have this area ready functionally for a FREMO-meet in the Netherlands in 4 weeks time. Better get cracking then...

Here is a map of Grimstad from 1920. Inside the red square you'll se the harbour area called Torskeholmen.  (translated from norwegian this means cod island). There were two tracks here, and a couple of buildings. The model will have to be somewhat compressed, but I hope it will be a good representation of the area.

I have moved section three of Grimstad to my shed, and here I am test fitting the two new sections to that for the first time.The picture quality is bad because my mobile phone is 200 years old.