15 February 2005


This is not the final trackplan, but I think it shows quite good what my plans are - at the moment. Like all real railroads it has a point-to-point configuration. The railroad starts from the coastal town of Grimstad and goes up to Rise via Rykene on its way. The track goes two times around the peninsula on its way up to Rise which is 15 centimeters higher than Grimstad. During operating sessions a fiddle yard will be added on the end of Rise.


Stein said...


I wonder what higth there is from the floor to the tracks? I`m starting building my own this winter. Recomand me a perfect hight. Did not come in at mjf forum this night :(

Regards from

Stein Helleland

Tore Hjellset said...

Rise station is at around 140cm and this is the ideal in my point of view. Take a look at this picture : http://www.autoclassic.no/amjk/grimstad/graphics/kjorekveld1/1.jpg