29 December 2011

Operating session #4

A three man crew consisting of Jan Petter, Halvor and my self a couple, completed operation session#4 on the GFB a couple of weeks ago. As last time we went through two "days" in one night, running four passenger trains and one freight train in one day. Here are some pictures. Please post a comment if you'd like :)

Halvor running GFB no.2 with today's freight train from Rise to Grimstad.

A new locomotive, GFB no.1, had it's debut today as the Rykene switcher. Here Jan Petter is running it down to Lia spur to spot a T0-car.

Halvor is sorting cars with GFB no.7 at Grimstad. I've removed the background wallpaper here, and I think I will try to paint a background instead.

Jan Petter with a passenger train with a BM87 from Rise. As you can see here, the majority of my layout is quite unfinished.

 Jan Petter's passenger train is arriving at Grimstad.

The industrial area at Rykene is pretty empty after the second "day"

A small detailed area at Grimstad.

 GFB no.7 is spotting the last couple of cars at the end of the session.