23 June 2011

Operating session #3

What? A new operating session already? With only 6 months past since the last one? Things are certainly picking up at GFB! Tonight two of my good friends, Styrkar Braathen and Halvor Sannæs, visited for GFB's third official operating session. I've not worked at the layout for quite some time now so I thought nothing is better for inspiration than a good ol' op session to get the creativity up to scratch again.

We actually ran two sessions in one night, with each session representing a day at the Grimstad Line. During one day we ran three passenger trains, one freight train and a couple of "locals" between Rykene and Lia. Each session lasted about 90 minutes and we had a lot of fun!

Here are some quick shots I took during the sessions. Nothing too fancy or exciting new stuff to show, but here goes:

Passenger train Pt2580 consisting of BM87 motorcar and type Gx baggage car on it's way to Rise between Grimstad and Lia.

Your's truly as the Rise stationmaster. The loco on track 3 is GFB no.8

An action shot of GFB no.2 with freight train Gt5676 from Grimstad.

A short break between sessions. Coffee, icecream and blueberries :)

Halvor and Styrkar trying to figure out what goes where at Rykene.

GFB borrowed this Skd214 for the occation as I needed a switcher for Grimstad.

Styrkar sorting car cards at Grimstad. I need to do something about that hideous background wallpaper...

16 June 2011

A small sidestep

As many of you probably know, we model railroaders tend to have a lot of different plans and dreams. Sometimes these dreams doesn't match with the current projects we are working on. Nevertheless I think following your dreams is important - hence this little building above here.

For some time now I've been really fascinated by the beautiful models in H0n3 by Blackstone Models, so I thought I'd build a little show-layout in H0n3, just for fun. The station above is built from a laser cut wood kit which I painted and weathered with powdered pastels. The figures are Preiser and the bicycle is from Artitec. I completed this kit rather quickly, and it was a lot of fun making something completely different from what I normally do.

Let's see how far I get with this project :)