30 March 2008

The first Fremo-meet!

This weekend my local model railroad club; AMJK (Arendal Modelljernbaneklubb) held our annual meeting in Arendal, and Grimstad was a part of the large layout! Here are a few pictures.

Here's a Skd206 on the module i built to place outside of Grimstad. This module is only used for meets and also has the entrance signal for Grimstad.

Grimstad in action for the first time! Everything went smoothly with no technical problems whatsoever!
The first station master; Morten Jacobsen

Svein Rasmussen controlling the station.

Overview of a part of the layout.


Denny said...

Good to hear everything was OK with the new Grimstad. Hope I can be part of the band next year in Arendal.

Tore Hjellset said...

Yes, you are most welcome to stay at my house if you choose to come here. This meeting was very inspiring for me, so I will just keep on building. The next step is an additional section for the harbour; "Torskeholmen".