28 June 2014

The Grimstad layout is being reborn

After what seems like an eternity, I have finally started rebuilding my Grimstad Line layout in its new location. The new room is slightly longer, but narrower than the room in my old home. I've had to scrap some pieces of the old layout, but I hope it all will come together nicely in it's new home.

Today I've been working on installing lights in the layout room. I was given some spotligths from an old shop, and they look rather stylish hanging above the layout. Unfortunately it's hard to get good pictures of sharp lights. Anyway; here's a mobile phone snapshot :


Trevor said...

That's great news - and I'm really glad to see you're back blogging again. I look forward to following your progress on the new Grimstad Line.
- Trevor
Port Rowan in 1:64

Tore Hjellset said...

Very nice to hear from you Trevor, and exciting to know that people actually read my blog :)