12 November 2013

Exciting new prototype photos

I've put off building the station house (depot) at Grimstad for many years now. Both due to it's complexety, but also due to the elusive back side of the building. I've found several photos for the three other sides, but the back side has not appeared in a single photo - until now. Recently I joined a Facebook-group where people living in Grimstad share photos and stories from their home town. There I posted a question regarding the missing wall, and after a couple of days I received these two photos from a gentleman named Odd Johnsen. I've waisted no time, so now I've contacted a guy with a laser to help me out with the model. I'm very excited about this!

This photo is from 1916.
I think this photo is even older. Perhaps not long after the line opened in 1907? Notice the curved mouldings round the main entrance - a nice detail!


Tom Patterson said...


It's always gratifying to find that last piece of information you need for a project. The Internet really has become an incredible resource in that regard.

That's a great looking station. I'm anxious to see it on the Grimstad Line!

Tom Patterson

Tore Hjellset said...

Thanks for your comment Tom. It's so nice to see that someone is looking in here once in a while!

It's looking good for the building now, as it may become available in kit form!