28 March 2013

Scenery - step by step

Prior to my local clubs' Fremo-meeting a few weeks ago, I wanted to update my Grimstad modules a little bit. Section one, where the turntable is, has had only very basic scenery so far. About time I did something about that. Here's a couple of evenings of work (fun) step by step.

First of all I had to make some wooden extensions to the section itself. The rock formations is a ready made product from Noch.
Then I filled up the space behind the rocks with some scrap bits of styrofoam.
I used expanding foam to fill in the rest. This makes for a very strong and light base for further scenery work.

The foam has to dry for at least 24 hours. Then I shaped the basic countours with a kitchen knife.
Next step is to paint the base with a light beige color. Then I sprinkeled sand in the wet paint.

Time for the green stuff. I use various shades of Woodland Scenics Fine Turf for this. And fix it all with scenery cement from WS.

The Noch rock formations are very grey and uniform in their color, so I painted them with diluted acrylics to make them come alive.
Then I covered most of the area with various grass mats from Heki. I use Woodland Scenics burnt grass and green blend fine turf to cover the "seams" between the mats.
All the mats are in place and trees are starting to grow. Notice the sand underneath peeping through in several places.
All the trees and bushes are in place.
I finish the rocks with a light drybrushing with white paint and plant some weeds on them.
A closeup of the base scenery. Here I've used Heki 1842 for the grass, MiniNatur bushes and the white flowers to the right are from Czech manufacturer Polák Model.
Here's the finished hill put in good use as a backdrop for an incoming freight train on the Fremo-meet.
A NSB Skd202 in front of the new rocks and scenery.


Ian said...

Expanding foam as a base for scenic work... what a good idea.. I'll have to give that a try on my next layout. Excellent modelling, thanks for sharing.

Rangachari Anand said...

Fantastic modeling!

Tore Hjellset said...

Thanks guys! I like using the expanding foam as it lets me change the contours of the landscape rather easily :) If I cut too much away, I can only add more foam on top.