16 July 2012

Op session #6

Hey! What happened to op-session #5 you might say? Well, it was held, we had a good time, I took some photos, but none of them were any good so let's just skip to session #6 which was held a few weeks ago.

It's early morning down at the station in Grimstad. It's still 15 minutes until the first passenger train of the day, Pt2580, will depart so there's time for some quiet contemplation on the bench in front of the immaculately kept flower box.

Station master at Rykene, Jan Petter Kamnes, is switching some cars which will be picked up by the freight train.

Here the freight train has left Rykene and is on it's way to Rise.

At Rise, Halvor Sannæs is the station master. Here he is busy switching cars on the rather small station.

 Down in Grimstad GFB #7 has picked up a couple of cars from the harbour spur.

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