16 March 2010

Another Fremo-meeting!

I've just got back from a Fremo-meeting hosted by my local club and here are a few pictures. More pictures will be posted soon at our local club site http://arendalmjklubb.blogspot.com

An overview shot from Grimstad with the freight depot to the upper right.

 I've started lettering some of my rolling stock for the GFB, and here is no.7 hard at work switching cars. The GFB was actually a branchline of the large layout this time, so I had to letter 4 locos for this. No pictures of no.8 and 6 though.

Peder Figenbaum as station master during op session #4.

Here is a bad picture (the only I could find) of GFB no.2. This trusty loco took care of all GFBs freight traffic.

This guy is trying to remove a large object in the middle of the rails... As soon as he'll remove this, I guess it's possible to start the task of making the real harbour area at Grimstad.

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