03 April 2009

Grimstad on the road!

My local model railroad club was invited to participate with some of our Fremo-modules at a hobby-fair in Neumünster Germany in the end of February. We brought along several of our modules, and my Grimstad-modules had its first outing with scenery! More pictures of all the other modules can be seen at www.amjk.no

An overview of the layout.

Roar Børte is preparing for the first operating session.

Grimstad ready for action!

The fair was attended by over 10000 visitors during the weekend!

A freight train in Grimstad with a class 18c steamer in front.

Unloading of firewood.

The freight depot is nearing completion. It's still missing some details out- and inside.

It's an early afternoon in Grimstad and the 13.30 train from Rise has just arrived 5 minutes ago.

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