23 February 2009


I feel like a gardener these days. Now it's the area open area on the middle section of Grimstad that has received some basic greenery. I need some good looking trees here, and some weeds in the road, and it'll be complete.


Perry said...

What products did you use for the grass? Is it static grass or Silflor? Can you give a tutorial on how you did the grass? These things would be very helpful.

Tore Hjellset said...

Hello Perry! Here I've used various products from Heki and Woodland. First I painted the surface green, then I laid out HEKI1843 in patches, and filled in the "holes" with HEKI1574. Then I smoothed the transitions between these mats with Woodland Scenics Fine Turf (green blend and burnt grass) and natural soil. The bushes on top of it all is Mininatur birch foliage (910-22). Maybe I'll make a tutorial when I've got the time :) Thanks for posting!