06 June 2008

More scenery III

Whoops! How did this happen? Wasn't the hill only brown two days ago? Well... I got a little inspired. And this is just a very small area that's complete. Let's recap tonights events.

I started out coloring all the rock castings using Woodland Scenics pigment colors. They are great for making good looking rock faces, and it's very easy to get a good result.

I then added som basic greenery by using Woodland Fine Turf in two different shades; blended green and burnt grass.

Then I added some low bushes, tufts and static grass. Starting to look ok now...

And this picture, and the one on the top shows how it looked in the end. Still I haven't added the trees and all the twigs and branches on the ground that comes with the trees.


whosho said...

Well done, it looks great!

Tore Hjellset said...

Thanks! I'll post some more pictures soon.

Denny said...

Hey, what a GREAT scene! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hei Tore

Dette blir veldig fint!
I nærheten av Rygene dette?

Hilsen Jon Einar

Tore Hjellset said...

Denny: I thought I should "push" you a little bit. Time to get your scenery going too now ;)

Jon Einar : Ja, bildene er tatt på enden av halvøya og det blir jo da på nordenden av Rykene. Innkjørssignalet vil stå til høyre på de oversiktsbildene her.